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AWS Cloud Builders Meet Up:
Modernising your .NET Application using DevOps & Containers
Wednesday 26th February 2020
6PM - 9PM (5:30PM Rego)
AWS Office (L37, 2 Park St, Sydney 2000)

The new .NET core is a cross-platform which support a variety of systems like Windows and Linux. Unfortunately manually deploying .NET applications is typically slow and prone to errors; therefore, modern applications use containers to improve the deployment and the development of the application.

The prospect of faster delivery of software and more modern, scalable, and agile applications means that a grasp of containers is an essential tool for modern developers. When combined with CI/CD pipelines, containers can leverage building automation and test mechanisms to help detect errors early, saves time, and reduces failures, making this a popular model for application deployments.

This three hour workshop will be run by AWS experts who will host a live hands on lab demonstrating an IIS .NET application be converted into a docker container which will then be deployed to AWS ECS/Fargate using pipelines hosted on a self-hosted Microsoft DevOps server. By the end of the night you'll walk away with a modernized, highly scalable application which is automatically built and deployed.

Bring yourself and your laptop and network with fellow AWS users, Account Managers and Solution Architects.

Learning Objectives:
  • Containerise a .NET core application with Docker
  • Build a Docker image and push to ECR
  • Automatically deploy a container image to ECS / Fargate
  • Best Practice, Tips & Suggestions
Target Audience:
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